A sleight of hand, a falling statue, a nerdy guy with some sporty moves… is this some kind of test? And if so, for what?


As I mentioned in last week’s post, comic writer/novelist Peter David (PAD) suffered a stroke recently and is beginning recovery in Orlando. Peter’s struggle hits home for me, because 1) he’s been a favorite writer of mine since the early ’90s; and 2) I lost my mother to stroke. I know very well the toll it can take on a person and their family. My mom never got the chance at recovery. I’m grateful Peter does, and want to help in any way possible.

Beyond sharing words of encouragement – which is very important, so please give those via his blog or Twitter account – we (the comics/reader community) can support PAD and his family monetarily by purchasing his books. Specifically, that means purchasing some of his self/indie/digitally published books where he takes direct benefit from the sale. Buying his comics/trades from major publishers is good, but that money won’t arrive for awhile and is rather small and incremental. Buying the eBook novels for Kindle, Nook or whatever puts dollars in their bank account faster, to help them now.

Peter’s wife details the best ways to help out here. Several of his books are as little as .99 cents. I’ve read several of PAD’s novels, and they tend to be smart, witty and imaginative twists on genre conventions. If you can, throw some change his way and help him out.

Related, John Ostrander wrote an article at ComicMix about the life of the comic freelancer that’s a very worthwhile read for anyone thinking about entering the industry.

How’s everybody doing on those New Year’s resolutions? :)