Paul and Lee meet with Doctor Fangshi in his inner sanctum… er, office. Keep a close eye, there’s more happening here than you may first notice…


Hey comics fans! We’re back from hiatus and delivering the first Loop & Hoodie page of 2013. Consider this the beginning of “Act Two”. The first 9 pages of Chapter One set up our story. Starting here, the ball really gets rolling to the genesis of our heroes. Action and adventure is on its way!

The holidays were a crazy but awesome time for us, and we hope you had a lovely time with family, friends and maybe a little downtime for yourselves, too.


My wife and I like to give themes to our years, catchphrases we can use to help us stay on target with goals and use our time wisely. Last year our theme was “2013: The Year of No More F***ing Around”. Our goal was to shake off procrastination and dive in head first to goals and endeavors we’d talked endlessly about doing but maybe hadn’t really gotten started on, and to follow-through on those tasks.

Looking back on 2012, I feel pretty good about what I, my wife and my co-conspirators accomplished. We launched Loop & Hoodie as a web-comic, and published the first 18 pages online. We returned to Wizard World Chicago as exhibitors, with a booth in Artist Alley. With the crew, I helped launch an ongoing comic podcast, co-hosting and producing each episode on a bi-weekly basis. I wrote several articles for I incorporated my small business, Armadian Creative, focused on design and multimedia solutions. I spent small pockets of time working on my photography and videography skills. I traveled with my wife to San Diego for Comic-Con international. I had a successful year at my day job, particularly in the final quarter. I lost thirty pounds, dropping to a weight and size I haven’t been since I was 18 and starting college. And there were many more smaller, but no less important, milestones along the way.

Our theme for 2013 is “Pursue the Things that Make Us Happy”. We feel that, in 2012, we really got the ball rolling and started creating opportunities. Now, we want to laser focus our time and energies on the things that make us, as a married couple and as individuals, truly happy.

For me, that’s time spent on creative and nerdy pursuits – making and reading comics, writing stories and scripts, attending conventions, producing more photos and video – and putting an emphasis on learning and self-improvement. I definitely wasn’t slacking in ’12, but I didn’t spend enough effort and time growing some of my skills. I try to always be advancing myself. I’m a jack-of-all-trades, but I’m pretty darn good at a lot of them. But I feel I’ve fallen behind in a year of always doing and trying to keep up with the avalanche of tasks. This year I will read more technical and trade books, practice new techniques, maybe take a photography class. I want to up my game, in every arena feasible.

For my wife and I, the Pursuit includes more quality time spent together, with our dog and with our friends. More time spent on positive things that fuel and revitalize us, and less dwelling on external obstacles that we can’t necessarily change. Less clutter, both in things and non-tangible distractions. More travel, less wasted time, MORE NERDING OUT.

What about you? What is your plan for 2013? 


I’ve previously mentioned that we’ve been approved for a spot in Artist Alley at Chicago’s C2E2 convention in April. In late December, we got the super exciting news that our city, St. Louis, is finally getting its own large scale convention this March with Wizard World St. Louis! This came as a huge surprise and has the STL nerd community stoked. We’re working on an Alley submission now, and perhaps will try to set up a panel for web comics, too. More to come…


On a more difficult note (and, gosh, there’s been way too many of those of late in these blogs) – comic scribe and writer extraordinaire Peter David has suffered a stroke and is currently in hospital care in Florida. Peter holds a special place in my heart for writing a ton of my favorite comics back in the ’90s, including and especially X-Factor, and continues to produce fabulous comics and novel work. I met him and his daughter at C2E2 a couple of years ago. He was funny and friendly, and very gracious to fans.

Peter, we are all pulling for your swift and thorough recovery. We know there’s a ton more stories in you, and we can’t wait to read them.

See ya next week!