Loop & HoodieLoop & Hoodie is a weekly web-comic, updating every Friday, from writer Adron Buske, artist Dan Cassity and colorist Travis Nuckolls.

A “buddy comedy” wrapped in layers of magic and adventure, Loop & Hoodie follows Lee (Loop) and Paul (Hoodie), two friends at a medium-sized but notable university. When the school receives an important and controversial archeological collection, mysterious events put the two guys at the front-lines of an ancient supernatural tug-of-war.

Armed with powerful artifacts – but absolutely no knowledge of how to use them – Lee and Paul must juggle school, jobs and so-called social lives with their new roles as mystical protectors. Newly christened as Loop & Hoodie, they fight to keep the collection out of the wrong hands – but there’s a lot of hands reaching, and it’s not always obvious who’s on which side. And with a student journalist shadowing them and blogging about their adventures, Lee and Paul’s lives are about to get even more complicated…


Comic Creator Cabal Presents: Emergent PhenomenaOur heroes first appeared in the small press anthology “Comic Creator Cabal Presents: Emergent Phenomena” in 2008. With a limited print run of 150 copies, the 64-page trade paperback was carried in a few stores around St. Louis, MO. We sold the majority of the run at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con in 2008.

Loop & Hoodie has evolved quite a bit since their first appearance in C3P:EP. The original version was jokey, a bit crass and looked a lot more cartoony. Making plans for an ongoing series, we upgraded the story’s tone to be more serious, but still a fun action-adventure. We’ve spent a couple of years developing a rich world, a big cast of very diverse characters, and a roadmap for high-stakes shenanigans.

Initially, we intended to either self-publish L&H or shop it to publishers as a traditional monthly book. Now though, with the rise of serial web-comic adventures (rather than “strip” or joke comics) and new reading/delivery options, we decided to move our story online, to be updated weekly.

Our story starts relatively small, but Lee & Paul’s world is about to get so much bigger than they could have ever imagined. We hope you come along for the ride.